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Full Version: 2003 buick lasaber
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My 2003 Buick lasaber won't start when its cold or wet out. It starts and runs perfectly fine on a nice warm day, but if its cold rainy or there is dew on the ground it won't start. All the lights come on when I put the key in the ignition everything works like is supposed to, but when the I turn the key it dose nothing.
We have put 3 new starters on it. Flushed the radiator. Changed the spark plugs. Replaced the connection to the cilindoid ( I know that's not spelled right, sorry). Replaced the relay switch. And we just don't know what else to do.
Before we get to barking up the wrong tree, is this a "no crank" or "cranks but doesn't start" problem?
No crank.
Going back to VERY basic testing for the beginner.... get in the car, turn on the head lights, leave the door open and watch the dome light while attempting to crank the engine. If it goes out while you try to crank then clean and tighten the battery cables first. If it stays on and doesn't change much read more below.

Start with conventional trouble shooting and see if the power is reaching the small terminal on the starter solenoid first. If it gets that far then you are suffering from the blitz of cheap aftermarket replacement parts that just don't last. Replace the starter again.

If there's no power down there then make sure it's in park or neutral and even try jiggling the shifter while you work the key. If you get results that way then we can point a finger at the neutral safety switch.

If that doesn't do anything then look to see if the crank fuse (usually marked as such in the fuse block) has power when the key is held to crank. If it does then look for a relay in the fuse box marked "crank enable" or "start enable" and possibly swap it for another of the same part number. The numbers are on the relays (square black thingies) and typically the AC or head lights use the same part. If it solves your problem you can go buy a new one.

If all that fails you may have a security system issue, which will allow everything else to come on but no cranking. This can be as easy as trying another original key instead of a hardware store copy. (there's a chip in the OEM key and they can go bad)

OK, we have come as far as "normal" diagnosis can go so if all the above fails the next step would be to find someone with a full function scanner who can read into the computer part of the system.

Let us know how you make out and we can post more.
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