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Full Version: left rear brake light failure on a 2005 mercury sable
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The left rear brake light (4-bulbs) does not brighten when the brake pedal is depressed, but the right one's do. All lights work normally EXCEPT the left rear brake light cluster. During normal tail light operation all bulbs are iluminted BUT when the brake pedal is depressed, the left side remain the same brilance whereas the right side cluster(4-bulbs) get brighter.
Any and all suggestions will be appreciated in solving this problem. Thank you, schaffer78.[/font][/size]
First guess is burned out bulbs. Most tail lights have two filiments just like those old fashion 3 way bulbs in your home lamps When one burns out the other still works. Good chance they went out one at a time and you just never noticed till they were all out. That's a fairly common situation.

Let us know what you find.
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