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Full Version: head bolt torque specs
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working on daughters 2003 hyundai elantra that over-heats when driving. two different mechanics told us it needed a head gasket. one quoted a price of $1600 and the other $2100 but the car is only worth about $1500 so i decided to do it myself.
i have the head off. it looks clean and i used a straight edge to see if it was warped and it is but its less that .015mm from one end to the other so i cleaned it up and am ready to put it back on but need to know what the torquing specs are.
i replaced the head on an escort early this year and it called for a two step torquing process requiring an angle gauge in the second step.
sooo, can you provide with with the head bolt torquing specs? the engine is a 2.0L DOHC 16 valve.

Found this for you. Make sure to pick the right engine because they are different. Some are torque only while others are torque plus partial turn. There's one using different torque for two different size bolts.
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