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Full Version: 1994 honda accord automatic 4cyl
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Hi I recently bought a honda accord 1994 with no engine. I proceed to installing a 2002 honda accord engine, and the engine runs. The problems i have now is the there was no room for the newer throttle body so I used the 1994 model. But now the engine rumbles and shakes, but doesn't accelerate much when I push the gas lightly. It runs good after 20 mph or so. but it has that nasty habbit. Is this because of the throttle? If so how can I fix this. Please help
Oh boy, what a can of worms you have opened!

One of the problems with modifications like that is you need to be talking with people who know what combinations work and what doesn't. While I have a fair amount of experience in "non factory mods" I have nothing to offer on a Honda. What I can tell you is you may get lucky if you use a scan tool and find something within the scope of a "normal" fix due to something you have not mentioned. IOW, open circuit on a temp sensor, MAP sensor out of range, throttle switch adjustment, and that sort of thing. Don't over look fuel pressure changes between years and similar variations. For all I know it might run perfect if you switch to the 2002 ECM... but again, this is a question for those who call themselves "tuners" or people who have experience with specific mods.

BTW, if you do get it solved I would be curious as to what worked for you.
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