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Full Version: suspension loose bolt or something else
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i have a 92 toyotaSadSadSadSad camry 2.2 liter 4 cylinder, my problem is that, everytime i drive my car on the road 20-30mph, i get a feeling that my suspension is loose bolt or something else. i have check the wheels side to side, no play & check tie rod, if loose ness, no playSadSad
If it's a steady Wobble it could be a broken belt in a tire. Look at the tread. A broken belt will usually produce an "S" shape in the tread pattern. I have also seen low Power Steering fluid produce steering problems that felt mechanical. Remember to check out the back end. A loose wheel, wheel bearing, or suspension part in the rear can cause serious steering issues. Low air pressure in a tire or if you somehow got an old Bias Ply tire mixed in with radials.

Please let us know what you find.
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