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Full Version: 2000 ford escort zX2 shifting problems OVERDRIVE
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2000 ford esscort zx2 won't shift gears when on highway speeds of 45 mph and above. Runs at 3 Roma and higher at 45 mpg. Happened ywo days ago, now just doing inner city driving.
Nothing above 40 mph.

Idles rough, but good in neutral and park.
I'm guessing that the Check Engine Light is on? Even if it isn't, having the computer scanned with a Full Function scanner will probably save time and money. Have ALL systems scanned, Record all of the code NUMBERS, then have the computer cleared. Post the code numbers here for review so we can assist you better. The numbers will be something like, P0302 or P1820. Also post Engine Size, Mileage, Transmission info., recent damage and/or repairs, etc., that can give us more clues.
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