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Full Version: 08 Toyota Camry Rattling Clunk Noise only on highway....HELP
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My vehicle is a 2008 Toyota Camry. LE, 4 cylinders. So I have been dealing with a clunk noise for probably over a year and just started to put time into fixing it and I can't figure it out. my car under 50 sounds flawless no issues.. It is a clunk noise that ONLY happens on the highway above 50-60 mph. It originates from the front end somewhere trying to pin down the specific spot is impossible from inside the car. It IS NOT the front sway bars, it doesn't clunk over bounces only at high speeds and I checked them and sturdy as can be. It is not a moan or groan or humming noise so please don't mention bearings, because it's not that noise at all. I checked everything down underneath for loose parts. I ripped off the entire fender lining in my tire wells and under neath my car because if it was loose wind could blow on them and make that noise. But I went only from one exit to the next to see if it still rattles because I thought that it was caused by wind rather then an actual part and the rattle was still there. I tightened my heat shield for my exhaust because that was loose and that wasn't it. Any cables or anything under the hood I secured. I spent days trying to figure this noise out and I just feel defeated. I'm hoping that someone was in a similar problem and they found a solution.
Instead of telling us what it isn't, how about describing what it sounds like and when it happens. We need something more than "a clunk over 50 mph" like maybe on a turn, a bump, on the gas, off the gas, steady speed, when braking, up hill or down hill, AC on or off? Does it sound like a can full of marbles or a sledge hammer? Can you make it happen or is it completely random? Left side or right? Any other recent repairs? You follow my drift?
Also, is it a standard or automatic? How many miles are on it? Is the "Check Engine," or "Service Engine Soon," light on? Any other warning lights on, ABS, Brake...? Is it just one Clunk as you go over 50 or is it a steady vibration or shudder? Every little bit of information helps since we aren't there and can't physically check the vehicle out ourselves.
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