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Full Version: 350 swap questions
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have a 350 out of a 95 suburban 1500 that I want to put in my 84 Chevy caprice. The caprice currently has a v6 in it. I know I'll have to beef up the suspension to handle the heavier motor but

Will the trans from the v6 bolt up?
Can the trans handle the bigger motor?
Will the computer from the 350 plug in to the 84?
I also have a turbo 350 trans out of a 82 impala. Would that bolt up and work?
Either trans will bolt up but the issue is the 95 will be an injected motor and the 84 will be a carb, so a major mismatch, starting with engine electronic controls and fuel delivery. You will also have to fabricate exhaust.

Not sure which trany is in that Caprice to start with but it's not going to be computer controlled so that part is not a problem unless it's just tired from age.

As with any swap, you will have to fool with mounts and linkage, along with wiring, to make things work.
Forgot to mention the Caprice likely has a throttle cable connected to the transmission for shift control, which is a "gotta have" item for a swap like that. If the cable has a "cam" on the linkage, that will also need to be duplicated so you have a similar cable pull to the original. Without it the trany will be toast in a matter of a few miles.

The Turbo 350 may also have a cable or it may have a vacuum line plus a kick-down linkage. This are all things to consider when doing a swap... and it may be one of those things that's beyond the limits of the average DIY type.

You could use a Turbo 400 which has no linkage and just a kick-down switch, but I don't think there's room for that big trany in that vintage Caprice.

BTW, if you are really set on this swap a company called Howell Engineering (spelling?) makes stand alone engine harnesses and can supply ECMs to suit just about any combination... at a cost!
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