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Full Version: Vibration Noise Merc Mariner
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I have a 2005 Mercury Mariner. When I accelerate I hear & feel a loud vibration/rumble noise coming from the front off the truck. It feels like the front left wheel. It is worst if I am turning to the right.

Also the front end seems to be a bit noisier than I think it should be sounds like a really loud tire on rough pavement.

I do not know if the 2 issues are related or not?

3.0L Automatic 105K

Hope someone can help!

My first reaction is the L/F wheel bearing may be worn out. IOW, turning to the right puts the weight transfer to the left, makes more noise.

If it's a bearing issue then it doesn't take much of a turn... perhaps a lane change or a curve in the road situation at modest speed. If the noise is more obvious when driving hard corners in a parking lot then it may be a CV joint on the front drive axle.

You may be able to isolate the noise by jacking the front wheels off the ground and running it in gear or by doing a visual inspection of the rubber boots on the CV joints. A torn boot with grease leaking out is a sure sign of an issue. A bearing noise may or may not be so obvious under a no - load situation, but ruling out the CV joint and going with the "more noise in a turn" should help.

Let us know what you find.
Thanks for replying...The vibration is almost like a shake in the front end. Feel like on the left side. If I am driving straight down the road i do not notice anything. If I accelerate and turn to the right it starts to vibrate right away. I do not feel the vibration if turning to the left. Hope this extra information helps determine the issues. Also this the FWD model.

Thanks Again
Not sure what acceleration has to do with it but it may be related. Typically when I am trying to isolate a wheel bearing I choose a steady speed of say 30 - 40 mph then make some lane change type turns. As the weight shifts to the outside (LS on a right turn and RS on a left turn) then you will hear the noise increase. If that's not enough time to pin it down then use an empty parking lot and make a series of longer turns. Once you figure out which side it is then jack it up and look around for excess play in the wheel or any growling sounds as you spin the tire.
The vibration/loud rumble sound is my greatest concern. It sounds like a a rubber slipping on something. I can feel it on the floor. It is so noticeable when I accelerate.

I will check out the things you mentioned and let you know.

Thanks for helping.
You may want to follow the axle and see if that's rubbing on something due to a broken motor mount. Anything is possible but we can't be there so you are the eyes and ears in the field.
Are there any lights on, on the dash? "Check Engine," "Service Engine Soon," "Brake," "ABS?" A bad wheel bearing can set an ABS code and a full function scanner can tell you which wheel to look at. Other possibilities could also set codes like a slipping transmission. Here again, a full function scanner could narrow your search time down.

If you have a scan done: Record all code NUMBERS and post those numbers here for review. Have all codes cleared. If codes return you will know that they are current.

Since I'm not there to see, hear, and feel the problem, I can only guess at some issues. Possibly a broken strut allowing the tire to rub in the fender well? Inner fender well loose, falling down, and rubbing on the tire? Broken motor mount allowing excessive engine movement on acceleration? Did someone put an oversized tire on and it is rubbing? As Rupe mentioned, YOU are our eyes. We can only tell you what to look for. So you may have to do some extensive inspections of the possibilities we provide or have a shop look at it for you?

Hope that helps. Get back to us with any new information.
Thanks all for the replies.

I have a few extra details to report. We did not find anything rubbing and there are no engine light on.

Here is something we did discover. We raised the Passenger side wheel. When we turn the wheel by hand the strut raises & lowers as the wheel goes around. There is not anything loose it just looks like the CV might be causing the strut to move?

Any ideas
If the CV joint is binding up, then that's a VERY good possibility, although not a common issue in my mind.

I have to ask what made you look at the right side if the noise was on the left side, or was that a second look? (after finding nothing on the LS)
First we checked the Drivers's side and all looked OK. Then I took my buddy for a ride and he said I thinks it is coming from the Passenger side. So we lifted the Passenger side.

We are thinking the problem is on the Passenger side?

Thanks for responding!
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