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Full Version: Can anyone tell me what these sounds are?
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I have a 2015 Ford Transit Connect mini cargo van in Phoenix, Arizona.

Has around 40,000 Miles. I recently got stuck in mud and bottomed out. The mud is all cleared out but the van started making this squealing noise when I turn the wheel. Later on it stated that knocking sound and now the van feels like it sways. It’s tracking straight but front feels loose or something. Can anyone tell me what’s causing these sounds and what needs to be repaired before I go to a mechanic and get screwed, since they see women coming from a mile away? Thanks so much I’m advance for any help.
Something is going on with the suspension / steering. That heavy "bong" has something to do with one of the coil springs, either binding up on the top bearing or the mount is broken. As for the gritty sound while turning, it may be one of the top bearings or perhaps damage to the steering rack.

Here's what I would do... Take it to a trustworthy shop and get an opinion, then ask them to show you what is damaged. (actually point out things) Ask for an estimate in writing so if you need to "shop around" you can compare notes.

Last but not least, you "hit" something so if you have insurance, make a call to your company and see if they will agree to cover it as collision damage. (obviously less your deductible)

I'd be curious as to what they find and would welcome some pictures to verify if it will ease your mind.
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