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Full Version: sienna engine swap
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I have a 2007 sienna , and the motor blew. Question. can i put in a 2016 3.5L, VIN K, 5th digit, 2GRFE engine in my 2007 model? Yes I know that the 7 comes standard with an oil cooler. After that you had to choose the optional tow package to get the oil cooler. I can get a 16 model with very low miles and with an oil cooler. or can i get a 16 model W/O oil cooler and put mine one it?, or just not put on the oil cooler. since I will Not be towing with it ever.
Engine swaps are funny these days. If everything doesn't line up with the computer (ECM) then you will be pulling your hair forever after with various running issues, emissions, and possibly even drivability problems, never mind screw-ball transmission shifting. OTOH, if you had an entire donor car along with a good wiring diagram, and the technical savvy to mate all of the puzzle pieces, (including the exhaust system) then you might have a chance.

Personally, if this were me and it was a daily driver, I'd be looking for a direct bolt in so there'd be no issues. Probably cheaper too.

Now, if you really want a more direct answer to your question, then ask the salvage yard where you will be buying the engine. They have access to an interchange directory and it gives all the options plus the exceptions. IOW, you can use this engine but you must use a different intake, or swap to the other ignition system, maybe use an earlier trans mount, etc. That's what keeps these guys in business.

Let us know how you make out so we can all learn something.
That just sounds like a nightmare. I was thinking about an engine swap, but I've heard the same from a couple of people that I talked to about it.
Depends on what you are trying to swap. Exchanging for the same engine is usually no big deal but using a different engine opens a can of worms where you need to sort out cooling system connections, engine mounts, throttle linkage, and wiring, not to mention electronic engine controls. OTOH, if you have the savvy to do the mechanical parts there are companies out there specializing in kits that have everything needed, including wiring harnesses... but they are not cheap! Typically I see (stand alone) conversions for an ECM and harness to be over $1,000, not counting the various mechanical parts. (engine mounts, exhaust, intake, etc) I have done a couple of exotic swaps and they are extremely time consuming on top of out of pocket expenses.
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