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Full Version: Brake Fault
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I have a problem with the brakes on my 2001 2.0ltr JTD.
Just replaced the o/s drive shaft, which meant the van stood for a few days whilst waiting for parts.
Since replacing the brake pedal creeps to the floor under constant pressure.
So far have checked rear brake cylinders ok, replaced rear shoes.
Removed front calipher dust covers on both sides can see no signs of leaks.
Have noticed if i cut off fluid supply on either one of the front calipher pipes seperatly the pedal stays normal and the fault goes ???
Not sure how you are cutting off the supply to only one side of the front brakes but I can tell you that 99% of the time a pedal that goes down with no external leaks means the master cylinder is leaking internally. This is a common problem, especially if the system has been opened recently for repairs and you have bled the brakes afterward.
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