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Full Version: Help Please 2003 Jetta Volkswagen
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2.0L Automatic, 152000 miles, Tennessee
My 2003 Jetta a while back seemed to have lost a little torque, or power. As my grandmother calls it "get up and go"... It wasn't that bad so I didn't do anything about it. Plus my father just said "keep an eye on it". Then it started making a whirring or tap/ spin noise. My dad said it sounded as though the starter was going bad... again "keep an eye on it".
One day I was at work and I came out to my car. I got in and tried to start it, all lights came on, radio worked, no turn over of the engine. Then I went inside to get help. I came back out and tried again. This time there was no power to the power locks, radio wouldn't come on. I got a jump and took it to Autozone. The alternator and battery checked out fine. The starter tested 'ok'. So fine, need a new starter. Only problem is, the next time it happened I got a jump and then upon driving it around it had no power/torque, and it has a shudder, or tremble when idling at a stoplight.
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