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Full Version: no power at fuel pump
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so my 95 talon esi has had yet another issue, wats new, so i was driving down the road al of a sudden the car dies and wont start check for spark im good there i have gas kuz i just had fueled up so dats good there but then i notice there is no whine form the fuel pump so i listen and wait over and over for it to kick on and it doesnt so i do the key reset thing i had read on another web sit i turn it ten times and still nothing so i go get another fuel pump replace it and it sarts well then i get a few blocks way more like 5-6 blocks and it dies again wont turn on wat a week for pay day get another pump turn it over berfore i replace it and it starts so i decided no need to waste it and risk it going out agian i replace da pump any how well it goes out again 4-5 blocks closer ot home now but still not fixed, so i replaced the fuel pump relay and guess wat still wont start book says something about a jumper box with two wires coming from it that make will make the fuel pump run from the front still cant find dat so yeah im at a loss here any one got any info on this and wat might be causing this to happen
I think that I would start at the tank and check for both power and a good ground. Make sure that any wire connectors are clean, free of corrosion, and plugged in tightly. From there I would follow the wires forward looking for breaks, rubbed spots, and connectors. Clean all connections and repair any damage along the way.

Please let us know what you find.
well like i said funny thing is u replace he pump it works then goes out so idk wats going on im going torip into dis bad boy here soon any other ideas
I'd rig up some sort of remote test light going back to the fuel pump (as close as possible) and see if the power (or ground) goes away when it dies. If it does then do the same rig up front at the fuel pump relay and see what happens when it dies. Keep moving forward till you narrow it down. If the power stays on then maybe the replacement pump is no good. (it can happen)

BTW, if that fuel pump relay is the same as any others in the car you might try a swap to see if the relay is weak. Most of the relays will have the part number right on them so easy enough to look around.
so i traced the wires from the fuel pump up to the front at the relay and swapped out the pump well to no surprise there is nothing this time the pump didnt even turn on as i was sure i would even hear the pump turn nd whine, well nothing as if im surprised so im stuck now i took a tester light and went from the back at the pump and tested wires and traced hte as i said to the front to the inner fuse box no fuses are blown checked wires at relay re wire hot blk / white wire hot but nothing at the blk/blu wire either way if da car is on or not which if the key is turned to the on position it should have shown power available but nothing any ideas guys
If you are loosing electrical power to the pump you have to trace the problem back to wherever it comes from. If there is power on one side of the relay but not the other it could be a bad relay. You can do as Rupe mentioned and try swapping it with a know good one, like one from the wipers or headlights. If the power is there but the relay isn't activating it could be because the Pressure Regulator isn't telling the relay to close. That could be because the regulator is bad or something further back isn't working. Possibly the ignition switch isn't sending the signal to the regulator. Also there is all of the wires and connectors between all of the components. A broken wire or a corroded connector can cause you to loose the connection.

This is where a good wiring diagram could really help. You could look to see the exact path that the power takes to get to the pump. You also might want to check for computer codes, especially if your car is OBD-II. There might be a code that points you in the right direction.

Please keep us posted.
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