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Full Version: steering lock malfunction
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I have a 2007 9-3 2.0T Saab and I live in Cleveland, Ohio. My problem is that the information center in my car says that there is a steering lock malfunction. Earlier today I could not put my car in gear for awhile. After trying for about half an hour, it finally engaged and I was able to use the car. The info center still said steering lock malfunction while I was driving the car to work. The car did the same thing when I was coming home from work. I was able to drive but the message is still on the info screen. What is a steering lock malfunction and how can it be fixed? Is it dangerous to drive the car until this gets fixed? Or is this something minor that can be addressed easily?
Is there any chance your car is still under warranty? I have read that this might be covered. I also read that it could be one of several modules and if it gets worse it could leave you sitting.
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