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Full Version: looking for help to repair oil leak
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need repair instructions for a 1993 paseo
camshaft and or crankshaft oil seal replacement
That's' a tall order and not an easy task. Consider there are two crank seals. One is on the trany side of the engine and the other is behind the belt pulley. The cam has a seal that can leak externally on the front (belt / pulley) end of the engine but that usually makes a mess of the cam belt and if you are in there you might as well replace the water pump too. (starting to get expensive)

Here's the catch 22 part.... the seals can also leak if the engine has too much blow-by. What that means is too much compression is leaking past the rings and the PCV system is not able to control the excess crankcase pressure. IOW, you may have an internal engine problem at that age / mileage so all that work may not be worth the effort.

Perhaps you need to do further diagnosis and we can chat more? Please post the mileage and trany type and we'll go from there.
You sure can. Mine was not a through to cam side stud and it got stripped and I drilled it right through and put silicone and re tightened.

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