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Full Version: 90 Honda Civic stalls when braking
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90 Honda Civic stalls - like starved for fuel - when gas gauge is below 1/2 and mileage on trip meter is 225 or greater. New fuel pump, new fuel sensor, new fuel filter, fuel pressure okay. Over 250K mileage, single owner. No problems if fuel is full down to 1/2 and trip meter is less than 225 (is reset at each fill up). Fully depressed clutch, or in neutral, or brake easy, or brake hard, or down shifting...doesn't change problem.
sounds like that you may need to change your fuel filter because if it is partially clogged then it will starve the motor of gas. One way of checking the fuel filter is to remove it from the vehicle make sure that it is empty of gas and blow through one end and you feel the other end as the air comes out. Little air means clogged filter alot of air means not clogged. Just my opinion i would go ahead and replace the fuel filter because its a cheap part, usually 10 dollars or less. Another problem might be the idle air control sensor it could be all black with built up carbon, usually all you have to do is pull the sensor spray with either throttle body cleaner or carb cleaner and take a wire brush to it and remove all the junk.... good luck and please post your findings so that this post may help other people with simillar problems
I would start by checking the fuel vent hose and the gas cap. If this is weak and collapsing that could possibly cause this issue. It sounds like a vacuum in the tank. The tank should be under pressure not vacuum.

Please don't go just throwing parts at the car and hope one of them fixes the problem.
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