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Full Version: electrical problem
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When I shut off engine and remove key blower motor continues to run. I removed the fuse from under the hood and it stops. Thank you for the info Garner. Kind of new at this so will take a little time to get used to the site and how it works. DaroldSad
Look through the fuse box or relay center and try to swap out the blower relay with another of the same part number. Depending on the year it may be located above the driver's left foot or under the hood.

If you give us more info we may be able to come up with a diagram specific to your car.

Let us know how you make out as others may learn from your fix.
Hi Darold,

Glad to see that you figured out how to get your post here. I should have given you more information on how to get better help here. After you click on the “Jeep” link; or any other make, look at the top where it says “Forum Announcements.” It says, “Please read before posting…” Click on that, it’s a quick read, and that will explain what Rupe was saying when he asked for “More Information.” We enjoy trying to help solve problems but we need “good” information about what is being worked on to provide “good” advice.

Please keep us updated.
2004 jeep grand cherokee right window will not go up or down left will.
Please start a new thread and give us more information. Read the FAQ at the start of the section and that will guide you toward making a better post.
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