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Full Version: chryswler town and country 1997
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i have a 1997 chrysler town and country mini van with the 3.8 any time i get in and drive it as soon as it gets warmed up it shuts down completly and i cant start it back up until it cools all the way down why?
If you have over 100k miles on it I would suspect it's due for a fuel pump but to be sure you need to check a few things next time it quits. First off, look for spark at the end of a plug wire. If you have spark then move on to a shot of starting fluid. This will prove that adding a bit of fuel may do the trick. (back to looking at teh fuel pump) If it's lacking in spark then you need to sort though the various issues there.... coil and crank sensor come to mind as common issues, along with the electrical portion of the ignition switch. (IOW, no power to the coil) The ignition switch is probably the easiest to diagnose and change, provided you are ready to check it when the problem happens. They are also cheap and available in the aftermarket.

You may get lucky and be able to get a point in the right direction via a scan of the ECM, but not always for something like this. Certainly worth a try as most parts stores will do this service for free if you ask nice. Post any code here so we can chat more.

BTW, the fuel pump is a bit of a pain to change because it's inside the fuel tank and also because we are talking about working under a car that's possibly rusty underneath. The tank needs to come out to do the job. The pump itself will be several hundred bucks discounted. I have done both the pump and the ignition switch on my 96 Caravan.

Let us know what you find.
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