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Full Version: 2000 mercury mountaineer none of my windows will unless door is halfway open
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Ok so, about a couple weeks ago i have developed this problem with my car none of my power windows will roll down. the only way i am able to roll down my windows is if my door is about half open, but once i shut the doors i can not roll down nor roll the windows back up. I am just really puzzled by this. i already personally checked every fuse in my car and they are all fine. Also what is weird is that the day they stopped working they actually worked perfectly fine in the morning but once i got off work they just wouldn't budge. Please help me with this! im not the most experienced with cars and i could use all the advise i could get. I have a 5.0 v8 engine about 126000 miles and i live in a city of Nebraska.
It sounds like one of the wires between the door & body has broken from flexing with the door. When you open the door it moves the broken ends to a place where they make contact. You could probably find the problem by unwrapping the bundle of wires and inspecting each one carefully. If the problem isn't visible you can feel along the coating of each wire and usually feel the break inside the coating. Just be careful incase some of the broken wires are sticking out through the coating. They can poke a hole in your fingers pretty easy.

Please let us know what you find.
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