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Full Version: 87 XJ6 wont turn over
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my XJ6 gets fire on all cylinders and the primer cylinder has Vpower gas in it cylinders are spiting good in the motor its turning all the way up to the top but wont turn over
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Reading between the lines you either have several problems or are not doing a good job of putting the issues at hand into words that mean something we can grasp without being there.

The last XJ6 I worked on was a 12 cylinder. Is this the case? What type of injection does it have? Can you hear the fuel pump run? What is the fuel pressure? How old is the fuel? Does the engine turn over at normal speed or is it turning slowly in fits and spurts? (low battery or ingition problem?) What is this primer cylinder you mention? Some of the older ones had an extra injector for cold starting, if that's what you mean.

Give us something to work with and we'll see what we can do for you.
(03-23-2012 10:06 PM)gipper444 Wrote: [ -> ]my XJ6 gets fire on all cylinders and the primer cylinder has Vpower gas in it cylinders are spiting good in the motor its turning all the way up to the top but wont turn over
Can You Help

I can hear the fuel its a 6 cylinder 4.2 the gas is new vpower the motor turns at normal rate the battery is new the ignition does have problems itll turn and then like four trys later it wont say anything and sorry bout that its the cold start injector.
like itll get all the way to the the top youll feel the air coming out the exhaulst and everything but then itll go back down ex. Turn, little seacond, put put done, and over and over again... i had it started one time when i got it and never again then changed some parts and still no start. Itll sound like it wants to start but still nonthing i had if for about 2 to 3 years.
But im not sure whats the fuel presure but it gets lots of gas to the injectors and thir puting it in the motor
O and the car is on a mean incline (driveway)
And if you cant get anything from these posts i can go and take a video of whats going on and send it to you and how it sounds.if you give me your email.
Are the spark plugs new or do they have high miles on them? If you pull the plugs out what do you see? Are any of them wet with fuel, black with carbon, dry and bright white?

Did the engine quit while running or has this car been parked for a long time? (months / years)

Is there a fuel smell to the oil?

When you had it running last, was it running well or not so well? Do you see any signs of mice chewing on anything? (wiring / ignition)

How much fuel is in the tank?

I can't a movie via e-mail but you could post one to You Tube or other file sharing system then post the link here.
the spark plugs are not new ones and they do have a little gas on them they are pretty black from constantly trying to start it.The wires are a little worn there (stock) probly. theres not alot of fuel in the tank espe4cially from taking the injectors out an stuff spilling gas out, the car has been pulled from one house to the other but it hasnt been running it has been siting at one house for a year or two then the other for a year so i guess you can say it's been siting for a while and when it was running one time it was running pretty good after it warmed up and the engine didnt quit i just turned it off. and it also when it was running and was warmed up and everything it was making a ticking noise and when i shut it off and started it again it was still making that noise and started back up but now its not making that noise and it's not starting so.....but im not sure where that ticking noise was coming from.
and you cant receive attachments to your email?
becouse i dont have a YOUTUBE
Here's what I would do.... get rid of the stale gas then fill with fresh gas, (and some injector cleaner) put in fresh plugs, make sure the oil is full and not contaminated with fuel, then give it another try. More than likely the problem is a combination of things and old gas just doesn't burn so hinders the starting process, especially if you have other weak points. The fact that the plugs are black means it wasn't running as good as possible when you put it in storage. That's not helping things either. Perhaps the plug wires are also an issue. After all they are 25 years old.

BTW, it's not that I can't take an attachment but the file size will be too big. A video on You Tube (or similar) is a streaming video so the size is not as important. It comes through in smaller bites.
ok well ill try it and let you know today what happens and do you think the incline facing forward will do anything to not let it start up becouse i have new vpoer gas in it the gas is goo it was bad thick orange gas but changed it now its clear and fine but what about the incline on low fuel?
frunt of the car facing to the street (down)*
That depends on how much of a hill it is and how low the fuel is. There is no set rule and it will vary by make.

As for the fuel, if it was orange and smelled like old boat varnish you could have many other issues. The "varnish" is exactly that and coats everything in the system, and may even cause injectors to stick solid. (open or closed) Hopefully some new gas and some injector cleaner will do the trick at cleaning up any residue. You may as well add extra injector cleaner... maybe a double or tripple dose based on the instructions. It can't hurt and may help. I'd do anything to avoid taking the system apart.

BTW, just a set of guide lines I have developed over the years on old gas...
First year... probably wont hurt anything but may cause hard starting issues.
Second year... starts to smell bad and will certainly cause starting issues. May not start at all.
Third year.... will certainly smell bad, will certainly cause starting issues, and 50/50 chance of causing system issues. IOW, need to flush the system and possibly replace parts like injectors, fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter (clogged), etc.

If you had the forethought to add fuel stabilizer before storage you may avoid costly repairs but still have starting issues after a year or two as the volatile compounds in the gas evaporate with time. IOW, the gas will not turn to varnish but will not burn as easily. At any rate, old gas needs to be drained and disposed of (properly) and new gas will need to be added to properly diagnose things.

In your case you need to solve the problems you know about to reduce the possibilities. IOW, you know the plugs are black and you know the fuel is old. Start there and see what happens. In the meanwhile stick a battery charger on it to minimize that problem as you work on other things. It's frustrating to have the battery be weak when it's just about to start!
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