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Full Version: Is my starter going bad
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I bought a 96 TSI in june and most of the time it takes me awhile to start the car. I thought it was because of the Viper car alarm at first. Since its been getting colder outside its been a breeze to start all i have to do is turn the key.

When its warm or hot outside like today. It doesnt turn over till like the 3rd time. It sometimes acts like the battery is dead or I can hear it click but doesnt turn over. I bought a new battery a few months back so i know its not that. Do i need a new starter or can i clean the connections or could it be something else? It starts when it cold outside on the first try, when its hot out it takes me a few times

thanks for your advice.
If you try to start the engine, it does not turn over and you hear a click. Sounds like a bad starter.
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