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Full Version: transmission problem, won't reverse
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I have a 92 toyota camry - auto 2.2 liter, after i come home from work from oakland. My reverse won't work, it's was fine months, year & it come to a point that it won't reverse. I change the transmission fluid/transmission filter recent. Last year, what cause this to happen & how to fix this problem?Sad
The first thing to check is proper fluid level. Some Toyotas must have the transmission in Neutral to properly check the fluid level. You can usually find the proper procedure in the owners manual. If the fluid level is good, the fluid isn't discolored & it doesn't smell burnt the next thing to do is to make sure that it has all of the forward gears. Reverse usually doesn't go out all on its own. There is usually one forward gear on the same shaft. If you confirm a forward gear missing I would guess that you broke a driving shell inside the transmission. Dark fluid with a burnt smell & only reverse missing would indicate a burnt clutch pack. Either way, if low fluid isn't the problem you will need to pull the transmission to repair or replace it.

I hope that helps. Please let us know what you find.
I able to reverse a slowly & the transmission fluid is a little discolored, what do you thing I do, to correct this problem?
That sounds like a classic case of a burnt clutch pack. There is no simple fix, no additive that will cure it. It is now time for you to decide if the car is worth the cost of pulling the transmission. It will need repaired, rebuilt or replaced. You will need to shop around for the deal that best fits your needs. Repairs usually don't last long, most rebuilds come with a warranty, junk yards usually offer some sort of warranty & a factory re-man is usually pretty expensive but has the longest warranty.

Sorry for the bad news. Thanks for getting back to us.
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