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Full Version: Check engine light on
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I have a 2001 honda odyessy, i recent have a check engine light on & it is first time it light up. I diagnostic it & it read a code p0740 - torque converter clutch circuit malfunction. What does this mean & were is it located, what function does it do. Is it safe to drive, when check engine light it on?Sad
It means the "lock up" on the TC is not working so while not a problem to drive around locally this would cause you to fail a smog test in many states.

What you should do is look deeper with a full function scanner to see if there's anything else questionable. IOW, temp sensors and other engine signals like throttle position can cause this, along with just a plain old tired transmission.... or even one that may be low on trany oil.... or possibly one with VERY high mileage. Might even be simple like a pulled wire in the trans harness... or old collision damage?

Give us a bit more info and maybe we can help more. It might also help if you post this in the HONDA section.
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