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Full Version: Dash alarm light "POWER"
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My neighbor's 1996 Suzuki X90, 4wheel drive, auto transmission, 121K miles. The vehicle is used daily to work and back. While driving to work a yellow light on the dash display "spelling the word "POWER" showed up. The vehicle appears to be running fine with all fluid levels in operating range. I check her owner’s manual but it shows nothing regarding this diagnostic alarm. The dealership told her to bring it in but would not say what the problem could possibly be. Please advise.
Perhaps it's not a diagnostic code.

Not familiar with this vehicle in particular but there are a few out there with a selector switch for "economy" or "power" and what that does is change the trans shift points.

Look in the section of the owner's manual where they explain the dash and switch functions available to the operator and see if something stands out. Also check under "towing" to see if it's an option with a trailering package.

BTW, it wouldn't be the first time someone had a car for years and didn't realize it had a feature like that.

The only Suzuki I find in 1996 is a Esteem or Swift. Do not find a X90?
I received a call from a person stating he is the regional manager from Suzuki and is responding to my email (nasty-gram) about not being able to get any information over the phone from our Chicagoland Suzuki Service Departments. He explained the X90 is very similar to the Suzuki Samurai - only a two-passenger version. (No back seat) In 1996 there were only 2000 sold worldwide. He explained the "POWER" light that is illuminated shows that someone has activated (Button is located on center console) the "Power Boost" which is normally used for pulling out into traffic or passing. It is a toggle style switch with two positions "N" - Normal Driving or "P" Power Boost for passing or rapid acceleration. I thanked him for the information and went directly to the neighbors with the solution. So "Rupe" you are correct when you said: "It wouldn't be the first time someone had a car for years and didn't realize it had a feature like that." It is a one-owner auto and she has owned the vehicle since 1996. I now know more about the neighbor’s car than I ever wanted. Thanks to all who responded. The neighbor lady and her husband are truly appreciative and the switch has be returned to its "N" position.

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