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Full Version: 94 Talon Won't Start
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The car is a 94 Eagle Talon DL 1.8 A few months ago it stalled and wouldn't restart. It cranked, was getting gas, but no spark. All fuses and relays are good. Finally after much head scratching we decided to replace the distributor and coil. It started and ran great right up until tonight when it did it again and had to have it towed. Any ideas or advice so I hopefully won't have to replace those ridiculously expensive parts again would be appreciated.
All else (engine wise) being ok it's going to be a fuel or spark issue. Have you ever replaced the fuel pump?

If it's a spark issues again I would look toward a charging system problem or poorly made (read: junky) replacement parts.

Bad grounds and other electrical issues on older cars can raise hell with voltage sensitive components.

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