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Full Version: car hesitates and dies
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Service engine light has always stayed on now while driving it will go off and it will hesitate and die have to restart about four or five times then the light stays on anf and no problem does it every time I drive at least one episode sometimes two I don't know what to do
You didn’t give us much to go on.
What year? Engine? Mileage? Codes? Weather conditions?
Im sorry its a 96 Cadillac deville I don't have the money for a diagnostic tests the free one at auto zone obd readers can't do a 96 140'000 plus in good condition though other than this weather is cold in morning and getting it to stay started is no easy task but this occurs even in warm weather and after being driven for a time but runs fine when light is on its so sporadic
OK, I don’t know what your abilities are or what tools that you have but I think that I can help you to get the codes. I’m guessing that they couldn’t do it at Auto Zone because it’s an OBD-I system. Click on the link below and do the “Quick Paperclip Test.”

Paper Clip Test - ALDL

Also, most Cadilliac models have a feature where you can get the codes on the radio’s display. You should be able to find that information in the owner’s manual. If you don’t have an owners manual we can probably find the information on the net.

In most cases, it will cost more to figure it out without a good diagnosis than the cost of that diagnosis. So lets see if you can get us some codes by either of those methods. If it’s an OBD-II system the radio display may still work?

Let us know what you find.
Recalling the OBD-1 Cady has that feature on the climate control display but I have long forgotten how to access it that way. I don't believe it's in the owner's manual.

I did find this so give it a shot. It's got all the steps and even the codes!

Scroll down the page to find the right one for your car.
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