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Full Version: Help assembling clutch
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1992 Porsche 911, G50/03 transmission, southern Georgia. I'm assembling the clutch on this transmission, and I need some advice about installing the assembled pressure plate/release bearing. I'm accustomed to seeing the release bearing attached to the clutch fork, which it is not on this transmission. There are two ears on the release bearing that it would seem are engaged by the arms of the fork, but it seems to me that the release bearing would be spinning, and when I pressed the clutch pedal, the spinning ears would bang into the stationary fork arms. Any advice on proper assembly would be very much appreciated.
Grab that bearing with two hands and I think you will find that one of the surfaces will spin with a little effort. (not the entire assembly) Sometimes they are a bit stiff after sitting on the shelf for a long time.

The new parts should closely resemble the old part so try that first to see how it works.
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