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Full Version: 1988 Honda Accord Idle Problem...
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I own a 1988 Honda Accord LX with a carburetor; When I start the car, it races at @2200 rpm but when the engine is finally warm the idle drops like a rock to just above zero; It runs at that level and doesn't recover. Why won't my engine idle between 900-1,000 rpm?

Thank you.
You need to find out if this vehicle has an idle air control sensor(iac) its usually up around the carb remove it and clean off the sensor with some throttle body cleaner and this usually fixes those problems...
You did say it was an 88 with a carb, right? (not a typo?) No IAC control there.

Before you get carried away I would look carefully at those 26 year old vac lines. (soft, brittle, broken?) If you had to replace all of them it would still be cheap and you may stumble on the fix before you are done. Do them one at a time and follow the diagram usually located under the hood.
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