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Full Version: Sentra 2004 1.8 Code P1273
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Hi, new to this..I replaced the Coolant Temperature sensor, Spark plugs, and Thermostat 2 days ago..Cleared SES light and all seemed well...Last night SES light came back on with code P1273 01/01...Looked up code and says it's Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor 1.....The exhaust needs to be fixed, pipe directly under engine has a crack and is getting louder....Could cracked exhaust be tripping SES light?...With 6 kids I'm trying to save money....Thanks in advance!
Yes. It usually will give you an Oxygen Sensor code. Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor would be the same thing.

Please let us know if you get it fixed.
Food for thought.

There are aftermarket exhaust parts available for Nissan at about half the OEM price. Obviously they will not last as long as OEM but at 10 years old, how much longer do you need?

BTW, if that front pipe is cracked clean and not rotten you may have a bad engine mount. The extra stress of the engine moving around can break many things. On the positive side, if it's a clean break near a flange it may be possible to weld it and save a few bucks. If it's in the middle of the pipe then go for a replacement. Welding will not hold up.
Thank you both for your insight....It's been too cold here in NY to get under the car to see exactly how clean of a crack it is....I'm making an appointment today to get it checked....I'll keep you both posted...Thanks again!!
** Update ** I had the resonator replaced and I cleared the SES light....I've driven 100 plus miles and SES light has not come back on....Thanks to Garner and Rupe for your advice, it was greatly appreciated!!
Thank YOU for the update. So few people take the time to let us know how things turned out. We are glad to hear that you got it fixed. Stop by anytime you have a question.
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