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Low Compression - SimHomerJ - 06-15-2017 06:20 PM

I was told that I have low compression on #5 cylinder and that it must be repaired. The truck is running fine, no misfiring, no check engine light on. They told me it was.05 low. How important is it that I get fixed now or is this something that wait for a bit? If it need repairing how much approx. Is it to fix. Should I get an engine check first? Thank You.

RE: Low Compression - Rupe - 06-15-2017 09:28 PM

Not clear on how low it is. What do they mean by .05? Is that in PSI, Kpa, Bar, or transposed and really meaning 50? Is that number meaning lower than the rest or is that a total number?

I'd also be curious to know why someone bothered to do a compression test if it seemed to be running ok and had no CEL on the dash. If it was done at a routine tune up, then I understand. OTOH, I have seen too many false readings due to the engine being stone cold... BUT... a small variation is normal so fill us in and we can post more.