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what to do about shady Chevy service!! - repeal.ar161 - 09-24-2017 11:14 PM

HELP! I purchased a car 3/23/17 with a 3rd party warranty. After 3 months the car begin to start rough and die when idling plus the check engine light came on. It was taken to a local Chevy dealer whom said he couldn’t find any problems, I took it to another mechanic who replaced a sensor and got the check engine light off. 3 month later it begins losing power (not dying) just not accelerating! I took it to one mechanic who couldn’t figure it out, but changed sensors as a let just try it thing, no luck, 2nd mechanic ran test, test drove and comb under the hood for 4 days! He said everything was fine that he could see and run some test which cause him to determined it was a bad timing chain and recommended I got to the dealer (he didn’t do engine work anymore) to have the double check and fix it. The car was towed to the deal where they looked over it for a few days before agreeing and charging me $2,300 AFTER the warranty company paid $1,000 to replace the timing chain and ‘balancing or balance’ shaft..
Once the car was finished, I picked up it and drove it home. The NEXT DAY the car died on me twice. I took it back and dropped it off where they kept it for 3 days, when I went and picked it up I was told had no idea what I was talk about the car wasn’t messing up. I thought okay, that’s weird maybe it’s a fluke, nope died on the way home, when it died I also noticed the mileage hadn’t changed besides the ONE mile I drove from their lot. I had my father call since I felt like they were just trying to BS me, they admitted the car wasn’t driven, because it “needed” gas (guess half a tank wasn’t enough) I put more gas in the car and took it back, they called after 2 days saying they had been driving it and didn’t find the problem but did find some wires had been pinched or something along those lines, and they needed to replace those wires to fix this new problem. Charged me $300 for this! I tried to argue that this was a new problem, and neither of the other two mechanics found any wires damaged (which is true I called them both myself to double check) I pointed out that had these been an existing problem they would have noticed that they were doing everything trying to diagnose it before the engine work. Guess who still had to pay up for this new problem I’m Positive they caused! A week later I pick the car up and pray everything is fixed because I am tapped out at this point and so is my warranty! Nope luck, the very next day as I’m driving to work service power steering came up my check engine light goes insane, i was furious and pulled over to check the fluids, which apparently is doesn’t had.. I got back in and the radio and dash lights shut off while the car was running and radio playing. Steering wheel was locked up, I tried to turn off he car which was in park, but the ignition wouldn’t release the keys! After 15 minutes I finally got it completely shut down. That night on the way home my head light go off as well as all the other interior lights and power steering function. THIS IS AGAIN ANOTHER NEW problem! Now I have to take it back because they’re the closest Chevy place in the area and I literally don’t think it will make it anywhere else. They refuse to admit they have messed it up and I’m terrified of what they’re going to attempt to charge me for this issue. Any advice?!

RE: what to do about shady Chevy service!! - Garner - 09-25-2017 06:03 AM

I don't know what to tell you other than it sounds like you need a lawyer. I don't know if there is a "Lemon Law" where you are at? But it sounds like either the car, mechanics, or both are lemons!

You didn't mention Year, Make, Model, Engine, Transmission, and Mileage on the car. It usually is helpful for us to know what we are dealing with.

I hope you are keeping all of your receipts and any other information to document what is going on. I know that I need a lot more information to even have a clue of what you are really dealing with. Like, what sensors did they change? What codes were in the computer when the Check Engine Light came on? What wires were supposed to be pinched? And I would guess that you would need all of that information if you took this problem to court. You want every scrap of information possible! Receipts, tow bills, phone logs of how many times you called and what days.

If you have the time to keep us posted and provide more information, I would appreciate it as it may help someone else. And with extra information about the car, we may be able to help you get it fixed.

RE: what to do about shady Chevy service!! - Bennette - 12-06-2017 01:10 PM

Man, that sounds bad. I feel for you. Like Garner said, you should consider lawyering up. Any fresh updates?

RE: what to do about shady Chevy service!! - Garner - 12-07-2017 12:40 PM

That post is over 2 months old. The chances of us hearing "The rest of the story" are slim to none. Most people get on here, ask for help, and never follow up and let us know what happened. It is frustrating; at times, to offer free help and not even get to know if your help did any good. We do this for free. Our only "Pay" is getting to know the outcome and maybe learning something in the process. So for anyone reading this, please realize that your "Follow Up" response means a lot to us! Even if it is only that you got rid of the vehicle because you didn't want the frustration of figuring it out. At least we know the end of the story. Wink