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check engine and gear grinding - when do i give up? - noncanan - 10-27-2011 11:44 PM

'97 Impreza OBS 2.2 - 180k miles. Just failed inspection for a P0325. Indicator light has
been on for atleast a year (a mechanic said it was not important enough to fix)
There is a burning metal/oil? smell - not sure from where. Can barely put the
car in gear - cannot get into reverse just get a grinding noise (ouch!)unless i
first put into reverse and then start car. Does anybody think the transmission
will be an easy fix? Or should i give up now? There are many other things
wrong (need new tires, windshield, hubcap, front light).

Really appreciate the advice. Thanks!

RE: check engine and gear grinding - when do i give up? - Rupe - 10-28-2011 11:15 AM

Sounds like you are not getting full travel on the clutch master / slave cylinder. If the floor mat is not blocking the pedal then check the fluid. (right next to the brake master cyl) If it's low then top it up with brake fluid. If that seems to help then look for where it's leaking. Good chance it's leaking either at the slave cyl (mounted on the bell housing) or at the master cyl. Look under the dash and follow the pedal to the linkage rod. A leak there will be running down the firewall. Replace the offending part and bleed the system then you should be set there.

The code is for the engine knock sensor, which has partial control over the spark timing. It's not all that expensive and may improve your MPG as well as making that light go off. It's a single wire and just threads into the side of the engine.

As for the smell, any variety of fluid leaks onto a hot surface can cause that. Might be as simple as the oil filter not being tight and allowing a few drips onto the exhaust. You will need to look around for where the wet spot is and then do some reasoning based on where it goes as the wind blows. If the coolant is leaking that may take some detective work. It may be a water pump or a head gasket. The head gasket usually leaks out the bottom on the driver's side. It's not a fun job!

Let us know how you make out.