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no fuel to throttle body - ecb - 02-17-2012 12:55 PM

1990 d21 4wd- i have fuel from the fuel filter butnot to the throttle body

RE: no fuel to throttle body - Rupe - 02-17-2012 09:37 PM

Can you give us more info on the vehicle? (besides it being 22 years old)

Engine size, trany type, mileage, local weather conditions?

I suspect a d21 model is a non USA vehicle.

RE: no fuel to throttle body - ecb - 02-18-2012 02:02 PM

d21 ,4cyl,4wd ,5spd trans.,270,000 miles, the fuel filter has been changed and have fuel from there but is not getting any to the throttle ody. i can pour fuel into the throttle body and it will run until it burns that fuel out. Is there any relays or switches that would shut fuel off and not andnot allow it to get to the throttle body

RE: no fuel to throttle body - Rupe - 02-18-2012 08:52 PM

If you can hear the pump run and you have fuel up to the filter than you either have low fuel pressure or no injector pulse.

Seeing as this is likely not a USA vehicle (you didn't say for sure) I can only give you generic advice. The D21 series was available in the states as a Nissan "Hard Body"' pick up truck with a Z24 engine. (2.4 liter and 3 valves per cyl) The same engine was also in the 240 SX and the Axxess mini-van. Neither one of these had throttle body injection, which is what makes me ask.

Find / measure the fuel pressure. It may need a new pump or have a rusty connection from the harness to the frame back by the tank. Start checking the circuits for injector pulse, including rusty grounds, blown fuses, etc. Electrical problems are VERY common on older vehicles and are seldom the same between any similar trucks / cars.

Speaking of rust, most anything from that era is probably too rusty to be worth chasing an expensive repair. I junked my 1990 Axxess almost 4 years ago because the rear suspension was falling away from the floor pan.