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windows in ford expedition
03-03-2014, 08:44 PM
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windows in ford expedition
Hi I recently purchased a 08 expedition 2 windows will not go down a third window goes down but barely goes up is it possible the motors are out on all these windows at once?
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03-03-2014, 10:30 PM
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RE: windows in ford expedition
Electric windows are funny like that (no pun intended) and it's quite possible but you r eally should do a proper diagnosis first because it can save you lots of time and money... and most people don't want to spend that on a 16 year old car.

Here's what I suspect: The window that goes up slow is probably in need of some cleaning and lube on the moving parts. To do this you must remove the interior panel. Any metal sliding parts can get some light grease or heavy oil. The window tracks (felt parts on the front and rear of the glass) can get a liberal dose of spray silicone. At that point work the switch and allow the window to go up and down a few times to see if it's better. You may need to apply a second dose. If there's no difference then it might be time for a motor.

On the windows that don't work at all, you will need to establish if the power (and ground) are good at the motor plug. You will need a test light or meter to check this. If the electrical is good then it's time for a motor. If not then work your way back to the window switch... and don't forget to double check for "child locks" before pulling your hair out. It's common for rear door switches to go bad from lack of use but even more common for someone to forget about the child locks.

Let us know how you make out or if you need more help.
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