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a few questions on a 97 chry town & country
04-22-2014, 08:06 PM
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a few questions on a 97 chry town & country
I just got this 97 chry town & country mini van about 2 months ago. My questions are about the radiator and recharging the air conductioning.
1st there is a small leak just below the top of the radiator on the passenger side. So far the van has not been over heating. I had to add fluid a few times. There is this stuff on tv called flex seal. Will that stuff work as a stopgap measure until I can afford to replace the radiator. Also how hard is it to pull this radiator. I did a radiator job on a 69 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup but the pickup didn't have all the things in and around the radiator that the van does. Also with that small leak will there be a problem when the weather turns hot?
2nd question I had an air conditioning pressure check done. There is zero pressure. The auto teck that checked it thinks there is a leak. Can the system lose pressure over time if the van has sat not been used for a long time and there is no leak? If that is the case then will just recharging the system do it? I know were I can buy an refrigerant auto a/c recharge kit. It is just a question of what refrigerant is used in this model.

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