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GM 4.3 "how much stupid can them valves handle?"
04-23-2017, 07:25 PM
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GM 4.3 "how much stupid can them valves handle?"
OK. This a 4.3 carbed (I'll get the year when I can) GM V6 in a freakin boat! I don't do boats! But here it is in my yard... this poor feller... he's generally a reasonable fart smeller uh, smart feller... but replaced the heads on this engine and was under the impression that when you put the rockers on, you just tighten them down all the way and your all set. He finished the job by cranking over a fair amount but it didn't start so it sat all winter. Now it seems to me that at some point GM did make some heads for some engines that the rockers were not adjustable. That's another thread to find out what engines those were. But it was rare, and not this engine. So I got all the rockers off but three are stuck because the dished washer thingy (what is that called?) won't slide up the treads, so there just turned sideways. 3 push rods are so bent it's hard to believe they came out! 5 that are quite bent, much more bent than my... and 4 that might be bent some but look straight at a glance.
Here's the question: Is it even possible this thing didn't bend any valves?? Like maybe the rockers just can't move that far, or springs bottom out, but valves survive??
Owner only wanted me to adjust the valves LOL. Now he wants me to throw new push rods in and adjust valves. I can see that, yes it is a lot of work to pull the heads back off because it's in a boat. Also, I don't know exactly what's directly behind the motor regarding any pump(s) or how it connects to the drive (inboard/outboard setup) that can make breathing noises... But with now rockers on valves, they all "appear" to be fully closed. When I turn the crank by hand I keep hearing air bleed off... I can't tell (yet) if it's bleeding off into the exhaust (cause it's a freaking boat) or if it's into the crank case but it sounds like the latter. I don't hear it coming up the carburetor.
Guess I'm looking for how to prove that replacing push rods is definitely NOT going to work so I can tell him to bring it somewhere and do it up right $$$. OTOH, if I can slip new rods down her and set it up... i get paid for that regardless of the result. But I don't want to do that if I can determine there's no chance it can work. Holy crap. It's a freaking boat! I don't DO boats! : )
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GM 4.3 "how much stupid can them valves handle?" - Jimmy - 04-23-2017 07:25 PM

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