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91'Honda civic hatchback problems.Need help
01-10-2007, 03:02 AM
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MyBB 91'Honda civic hatchback problems.Need help
o.k so me and my fiance just bought a 91'honda civic 2door hatchback from her cousin,he is a mechanic but he is not the most trustworty person sad to say.The car has about 113,600miles on it give or take and when it drives well when i step on the gas or even keep it sturdy it kind uv jerk a lil bit sometimes more,one time while waiting to turn it just shut off so i restarted it and it started and drove alrite.recently the oil lite went on so me not knowing what to do i put a oil,but before that it was on it just shut off on me more than a few times on the road that was a embarrassing problem,her cousn got mad and said we should of gotten an oil change!but it was only about 1-2 hundred miles maybe less that the 3,000 mark in which he said we should get an oil change,well i put a little more oil than intended but still had the mech change the oil,it was fine for about less than a mile and it shut off on me again,so we had to get a tow truck for it,he didn't help and we was near his house by 15mins give or take and it was raining,well they said he put somethimg in wrong having to do with i guess the flow of the electric,he put new spark plugs and his father cleaned the access oil(in the driveway)and later slipped us a bill for it,although he assured it was in top the car dosen't seem to have that umph in it that it needs it jerks a lil bit still,and recently the check engine lite came on,it didn't stay on but i'm sure it will again,we still owe the cousin money for the car we put money into it,someone on new year broke the passenger side window costing another $165 honestly my fiance paid all that cause i'm curremtnly injured and out of work,she pays my bills,hers and pays for her own college so it's difficult to even go about finding a mech who will check the car and oh god the money for repairs,and if they b.s us we wouldn't know,her cousin won't help eitha cause he says he dosen't have time.I live in the Teaneck Newjersey area but am new to it so I don't know how to go about finding the right/good mech so hopefully I detailed what i could,I can provide more if needed 1 way or another but can n.e1 give me their expertise or advice on what and how to do what needs to be done?I so desperately need it and sorry for the book!we just need that car so bad it ain't much but to people who got nothing it's alot.Thanks alot for even reading this.
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91'Honda civic hatchback problems.Need help - triumph~iomega - 01-10-2007 03:02 AM

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