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failed smog test
02-14-2011, 08:23 PM
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failed smog test
My 89 Voyager has failed it's smog test. On the first test, it passed all emission requirements, but failed the pressure test of the EVAP system with a drop of .070 with a max of .040. I found a couple of bad hoses that I thought would take care of the problem, and got it to a .053, but still not to the .040 where I need to be so I am getting the system smoke tested to find the leak. More concerning to me though is the fact that I failed on NOx on the second test at 786 with a max of 613. On the first test the NOx were at 407, well within passing, but the HC was at 118 with a max of 123. I had heard that if you make sure the catalytic converter is good and hot that it may bring the HC down, so I made sure I drove at least 10 miles on the freeway before the second test, and the HC were down to 91 from the 118 on the first test. The guy at the smog shop said that the hotter the converter gets, the higher the NOx will get and recommended that I not drive as far when I bring it back in. Anyone have any thoughts on why such a big jump in the NOx? I forgot to mention that the first test was Saturday afternoon, and the second was Monday morning.
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