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failed smog test
02-15-2011, 01:12 AM
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RE: failed smog test

Thanks for helping me out.

The van has a V6 3.0L engine and, unfortunately, we live in California (a smog nightmare). I guess I just do not understand how it passed without any problem on the NOx on one day and then failed so badly two days later. I will look for vacuum leaks for sure, but don't see how it changed so much in such a short period of time. Is there any truth to what the guy at the smog shop told me, in that with the engine being hotter during the second test than the first that it could cause the NOx to be higher?

On the evap part, it failed when they pressurized from the filler neck through the evap canister. They use their own cap with a fitting to allow them to pressurize the system, so I do not think that it is the cap. I had to replace the fuel pump a few months ago, and am thinking that it could be leaking around the seal for the pump or one of the rubber lines on top of the tank?

Any other insight will be greatly appreciated.
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