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Right front door automatic lock problem
07-28-2014, 03:45 PM
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Right front door automatic lock problem
My son owns a 2006 mercedes-benz, model E-350, When he puts it in drive and starts to move forward all doors lock EXCEPT the right front passenger door. The right front door will chatter a few times and it may end up in the locked position or the unlocked position intermittently.

I am guessing that the computer is doing its job ok. signaling the doors to lock but it does not receive the proper signal back from the right front door telling that it is in the locked position so it repeats the activate signal a few times more, and probably post a code of some kind.

Does anyone out there have a clue as to what the problem may be? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all, Bob81.
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07-28-2014, 11:38 PM
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RE: Right front door automatic lock problem
Usually when the lock solenoid chatters that neams it's getting the same signal as the other doors but it's not finishing the cycle. Typically there's only two possibilities to look at and both require removal of the door panel. (I'm sure that not as easy as it sounds) First, it could be the lock and it's linkage need cleaning and lubrication. You may get lucky and that's all you need. If that doesn't solve the problen then the solenoid has gotten lazy and will need to be replaced. Personally I have not done much work on a Benz in recent years so I don't know if that part might be available in the aftermarket or if it's a "dealer only" item. (read: $$$)

Let us know how you make out.
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