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Door locks will not close automatically
08-16-2014, 09:11 PM
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Door locks will not close automatically
I have a 2001 Lexus RX300 SUV with about 240,000 miles on it in the Central California area. The problem I am having is that the right passenger side door will not lock/unlock when I push the lock button in the car or when I turn the key on the driver side door. I have to either stick the key in the key hole on the passenger side door or manually flip the lock lever inside the car. Is this a problem with the button or the actual locking lever?[/size][/font] Does the lock lever need to be lubricated? I would appreciate some advice on this issue.

Thank You
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08-17-2014, 12:11 AM
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RE: Door locks will not close automatically
It sounds like an electrical problem from what you are describing. Probably a broken wire or a faulty lock actuator. The door panel will need to be removed to test for power and ground at the actuator connector and to see if the actuator is working. You can also lube things up while you're in there.

The most likely place for a wire to break would be in the harness, between the door hinges, where it gets flexed every time the door opens ane closes. You could look there to see if you find anything obvious before taking the door panel off.

Either way, please let us know what you find and check back if you need more advice.

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