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2010 Mazda 6 Dim Headlights
10-31-2014, 07:47 PM
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2010 Mazda 6 Dim Headlights
I recently upgraded my stock headlight bulbs to the Philips Diamond Vision 5000k. These bulbs are supposed to be quite bright, so I was surprised to see that the light is not extending very far down the road. Has anyone else experienced this and how do you fix it?

Also, how do you adjust the headlights on this car? I've seen some forum posts but none specifically for my car. I have the 6i Touring Plus, if that makes any difference. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

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11-01-2014, 10:57 AM
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RE: 2010 Mazda 6 Dim Headlights
I have seen some of the aftermarket replacements have a different color temprature and to me (and others) they don't seem to throw as much light as the OEM bulbs. It almost feels like you are driving with sun glasses on.

That said, try wiggling each plug on the back of the new bulbs to be sure you have a good connection and you may also want to check the voltage with the engine running. Many of the newer cars run light gauge wire to the headlights and with an increased power draw of replacement bulbs the voltage starts to drop so the bulbs don't seem bright enough.... and there's no logical reason to fool with headlight aim for a bulb replacement. They make it hard to adjust for a reason these days.
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