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O2 sensor locations
10-31-2014, 07:51 PM
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O2 sensor locations
I have a 2004 mazda 6 V6
I replaced two O2 sensors - the on in the front of car on the bottom, the other in the back (close to firewall) and the furthermost one down. Still have CEL code and going to replace the other two - what banks and sensors would these be considered. And if anyone has pictures that would be great!
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11-01-2014, 10:17 AM
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RE: O2 sensor locations
What code do you have and have you cleared the codes since the most recent repair? Posting the most recent and the exact code here will keep us from guessing.

As for what each one is called, bank 1 is the side of the engine with #1 cylinder and the ones furthest forward on each side are called sensor 1. The sensors after the cat are the #2 sensors. As an example, a code for bank 1 sensor 1 is the front sensor on the #1 side. You will have to look at your engine to determine where that is because I am not familiar with this particular vehicle. On a V-6 engine one set of cyls is closer to the accessory belts by an inch or two and that's where #1 is.

BTW, if you have a code for "O2 heater circuit" and you have already replaced all of the sensors then you either have damaged wiring or a blown fuse.
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