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Car overheating
12-27-2014, 11:09 PM
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Car overheating
2002 Lincoln Continental Sedan - 4.6L SFI DOCH 8 cyl. - Michigan

I have put in a new radiator - new water pump - new thermostat

and the car still overheats - bottom hose stays cool - it will sometimes not overheat while idling but will overheat when you are driving.

I have purged the system - any suggestions are appreciated.
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12-28-2014, 11:09 AM
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RE: Car overheating
There are several things that we will have to address here. The first one it to never assume that “new” parts are “good” parts. If the bottom hose is not getting warm it sounds like a circulation problem. That sounds like the water pump isn’t moving the water, the thermostats aren’t opening or there is a blockage somewhere. Someone didn’t stick a rag in the radiator ports or a hose to keep the dirt out and forget to remove it, did they? Also, air pockets are very difficult to remove on some vehicles. I have seen where I have had to raise the front of the vehicle, put it on jack stands, and run the engine with the radiator cap off for a half hour while adding coolant to purge air.

Here’s something else to think about. Are you sure that it’s over heating? Could the gauge be wrong? You could use a scanner so see what the temperature is on the ECT sensor, use a IR thermometer pointed at different spots on the engine & radiator, or use a cooking thermometer. If doing this, remember that 220-240 it NOT over heating.

Back to if it IS actually overheating here are some other common overlooked causes. The brakes hanging on. The transmission stuck in a high gear. The exhaust plugged up. A belt missing or slipping. A defective radiator cap. Electric fans not coming on.

Is the Check Engine light on? If it is this could point to an underlying cause that you haven’t addressed. I would suggest that you do a full scan, record all of the code numbers, post those codes here for review, and have the computer cleared.

Please let us know what you find and we can talk more if necessary.

Thanks for using the forum,

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12-28-2014, 12:18 PM
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RE: Car overheating
Let's take a look from another view point. I suspect you had this problem BEFORE the repairs, which means the root problem has not been found yet. (and presuming the new parts are functioning as advertised) This leaves the possibility that the hoses may be collapsed or damaged internally and blocking the flow or perhaps a head gasket that leaks combustion pressure into the cooling system, which displaces coolant, which in turn causes issues with flow and overheating. Another possibility is if the coolant was really nasty and the passages in the block are colgged.

That said, I'm with Garner on figuring out which comes first. Are you running hot then blowing out coolant or perhaps blowing the coolant out first then running hot? A scanner can read the coolant directly in degrees and you can watch for fan function to see if the temp follows the fan's cycle. I'd figure fan cycle to be on around 230 and off about 195 but on some cars they do not run if there's air in the system because the fan sensor is not reading correctly, which is a different sensor than the dash gauge or the sensor the ECM looks at for other functions.
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12-29-2014, 11:45 AM
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RE: Car overheating
One more idea that I didn't think to metion in my last post but was brought to my attention the last time I was installing a radiator....

Aftermarket radiators come with plastic plugs in all openings, which depnding on the color you may not notice at first glance. If one or more of these was left in place that would keep the coolant from circulating.
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