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2002 Grand Caravan Misses/Hesitates/Jerks
08-21-2015, 01:23 AM
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Question 2002 Grand Caravan Misses/Hesitates/Jerks
This is a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan EL 3.3 V6 with auto Transmission. It has about 150k miles and has lived in FL central/east coast until last few months, now in Colorado Springs CO. It just started recently when it gets warm after driving maybe a half hour around town or maybe sooner on highway to miss and jerk and lose power. I had the codes read from Auto Zone and one of them was a P1391 so I went and replace the Camshaft position sensor, but it didn't help. I also found a couple vacuum lines dry rotted and leaking so replaced those, but that didn't help either. The van run great until it gets warmed up real good then we start seeing this problem. I got a bluetooth scanner and have used several apps to read various live data and it seems that TPS and MAP and O2 sensor are working (at least from what I can tell). I also saw mention of timing issue so wanted to know if that is a likely issue and if so why would it only affect the system when it gets hot? Thanks in advance!
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08-21-2015, 01:51 PM
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RE: 2002 Grand Caravan Misses/Hesitates/Jerks
For my money, always start with a fresh tune up including ignition wires at that mileage. Always use brand name parts too, as cheap replacements don't last 100,000 miles like factory originals.

That said, I have owned a few Caravans and if you haven't replaced the fuel pump yet it's WAY past due... and yes, they do crap out generally after 15 - 20 minutes only be ok again in an hour. About the only way to catch it would be driving around with a fuel pressure gauge on the thing or if it gets bad enough you may read a P0300 code. (multiple misfire) In order to set that code it must skip for well over 5 seconds. (climbing a long grade?) I got lucky one day on the side of a highway and caught mine by trying to release the fuel pressure at the port checking for fuel when it died. All I got were a few bubbles then I knew it was the pump. In my case I wacked the bottom of the fuel tank with a tire iron and the thing cleared up enough to get me home.
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