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10-25-2015, 01:52 AM
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Vehicle is a 1987 Toyota Pickup, 22R(22RE?), Automatic, in South Carolina

The other day I had driven my truck to the auto store to top off my oil. (I have a leak in my oil pump) I did so because I had noticed that the truck was accelerating slower than normal and my oil was low. After I had topped off my oil (15W-40) and drove off I immediately noticed a difference in acceleration. Acceleration speed was extremely slow this time, specially in first and second gears. Once I had gotten up to around 40 mph it did not take much gas to maintain my speed and there were not really any issues, but from a stop it took about 7-10 seconds to get to around 40-45 mph. While accelerating, the engine did not rev, there just wasn't any power behind it. I drove to my destination and parked it.

When I went to start the car next The acceleration had worsened. I had little to no acceleration power moving slightly uphill and it took about 20 seconds to move from one parking spot to the next directly in front of mine. This time I couldn't even get the truck out of first gear, still the engine isn't revving. I've since had it towed home.

The truck will just barely start, takes a few seconds and I have to give it gas, but it really just wants to quit on me. The engine compartment shakes more than usual and the exhaust is a bit noisier than usual as well. I can drive in reverse fine but forward acceleration doesn't happen. After flooring the pedal (still no engine rev) I can get it to crawl forward but after I let off it usually dies again. (It has a very weak idle and startup) have replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, spark plug wires, distributor rotor and distributor cap, I even disconnected the catalytic converter. No change. The truck is carbureted so to my knowledge it doesn't have an MAF sensor for me to clean. I'm not sure what else to try. I did recently have my alternator replaced, in that repair the radiator hose did have to be disconnected and drained but I doubt this is of any relation.

Any help would be appreciated.
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10-25-2015, 10:37 AM
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Sounds like you have eliminated a restricted exhaust and there should be no fuel delivery problems with all of those new parts in there so I'd take a look at ignition or cam timing, which at that age there may be something worn out enough to have skipped a tooth or two.

BTW, you said the exhaust is noisey? Perhaps it's a rattle of a very slack timing chain? Hard to say from here. Maybe you can get a buddy to help keep it running so you can play under the hood and listen around.

Hint: If playing with the ignition timing seems to help a little you are probably compensating for a timing chain issue.

Keep us posted.
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