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66 Buick lesabre
11-14-2015, 09:33 PM
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66 Buick lesabre
I only have brake lights and turn signals on passaged side but no tail lights on passage side and nothing on driver side have checked all fuses and wiring all ok.
Can any one help with solutions or ideas to the problem
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11-15-2015, 10:03 AM
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RE: 66 Buick lesabre
Without more information the only things that come to mind would be bad bulbs. It's not unusual for more than one to be blown. The socket that the bulb fits into could be corroded or the spring broken. Check for a good ground at the socket. If it's not the bulbs you should use a test light to check for power and ground at each socket. If there is no power, work your way back the wires until you find where you do have power. Then look for a break in the wire or a corroded connector. Hope that helps.

Please get back to us with what you find.

Thanks for using the forum,

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11-15-2015, 10:57 AM
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RE: 66 Buick lesabre
Doncha just love old car issues?

This being a 66 Buick, the spring tension on those bulb sockets (if the springs are still good) tend to wear out the contacts on the base of the bulb, which means the bulb may look good and even test ok on the bench but might not make contact when installed. The soultion is new bulbs.

BTW, another old car fix is to get a 1/2" pipe fitting brush from a hardware store, which is meant for cleaning copper before soldering household pipes. It looks like a miniature bottle brush and makes short work of cleaning bulb sockets. (with the power off) Squirt a little WD-40 in there and finish up with a rinse of WD-40 to flush the crud away. Add some dilectric grease to the bulb base and you are good for another lifetime.

One more hint: If the license plate lights work then you know there's power as far as the trunk area so you can concentrate your search on the tail end of the harness. The wire color will be the same for all the tail lights and the LP lights. In that era there may be a separate ground wire for each tail light too so look close inside the trunk. OTOH, there may not be a ground wire. My 64 Chevy grounds via the nuts that hold the lamp to the body. IOW, you may want to add a wired ground to avoid future issues.
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