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05 Pacifica turns over but won't start
10-21-2016, 05:36 PM
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05 Pacifica turns over but won't start
I have an 05 Pacifica I need some help with. We just installed a new flywheel and starter and now the car won't start. It turns over just fine but it only has intermittent spark. I pulled the crankshaft sensor and it seems to be rubbing on something because it has some scuffs and scrapes on it. I put a new one in and it happened to the new one too. I've tried to shim it with a piece of match book and a thin washer and still no luck. I don't think the car will start if it's making constant contact with whatever it makes contact with and what could it be making contact with to be making the scratches on the sensor? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The car also has good fuel pressure and only CEL I'm getting is p0108 MAP Sensor high voltage
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10-21-2016, 10:08 PM
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RE: 05 Pacifica turns over but won't start
I don't have any personal experience with this vehicle but a sensor of that type which has been rubbing (on what?) will always give a false reading, and if that sensor is tied into spark control then that answers part of the question.

*IF* if ran before and this is the only thing you've changed, what I would do is take the sensor out and visually inspect what the sensor is supposed to be seeing. IOW, if it's counting flywheel teeth or similar, then see if there's some debris or perhaps an out of round condition showing up in the mounting hole while a helper cranks the engine over.

Knowing exactly what the fuel pressure is (not just "good") will also be a help.

A weak battery will also screw up diagnosis so maybe a trickle charge over night while you gather your thoughts may help.

BTW, just a few weeks ago I ran across an industrial engine where the so called "crank sensor" counts flywheel teeth. If it doesn't see the right count (adjusted to read AC voltage while cranking) it will not allow any fuel to pass into the engine. OTOH, most similar sensors I have encountered control the spark. I suspect once you figure out what's causing the sensor contact your issue will be solved. Just remember that ANY sensor contact probably means it's damaged and will NOT read correctly.

Soooo, bottom line is first do a visual check then think back to each step of your recent repair. Did someone drop that new flywheel? Was the trany forced into place? Could it have been bent in shipping? Was there any debris in the area from the old flywheel? I mean, you replaced it because something was broken, and it was running before, right?
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