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1997 626 Mystery Short - Killing Batteries
06-25-2017, 01:55 PM (This post was last modified: 06-25-2017 01:57 PM by Gibs.)
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RE: 1997 626 Mystery Short - Killing Batteries
(06-01-2017 02:46 AM)Kitfox Wrote:  Mazda 626, 1997, LE, 2.5 liter V6, Automatic Trans, 156,000, live in Los Angeles.

Problem: Mystery Short - battery will die if just parked. 2 mechanics, no joy.

1.Took it to get smogged, turned it off for 4 minutes and it suddenly would not start again, jumping did not work, the starter would just click - mechanic #1 said starter was bad, changed.
2. Got it home, a week later the battery was dead.
3. Mechanic #2 examined car and just put in a new battery.
4. Got it home and it died a week later - dead battery.
5. Took it back to Mechanic #2 - he kept it for 2 weeks and said he "checked everything" and could find nothing wrong with the car, it sat for a long time and did not lose power. Installed new battery.
6. Got it home, took the positive terminal off the battery to keep it from murdering the battery (it's not a deep cycle) and posted here.

I don't know what to do about this one. I'm humbly asking for any and all advice here. Stupid question I suppose but: Would it help if I took it to a Mazda specialist instead of just a general mechanic?

Thank You.

How fast does it take to drain battery. Does it start up every morning when you go to work. But if you stay home and it sits for a day or 2 thats when the issue occurs?
If thats the case some phone chargers, bluetooth adapters or basically anything you use in a power port will sometimes drain the battery.

Second has anyone tested the voltage off the alternator? If it's close but not quite there and you don't go highway speeds very often the alternator could be the issue. Battery is helping alternator and never gets charged but you can drive around for weeks before low power issue occurs.

Last thing to do is do a google search for battery drain and there are several videos that show you how to test for current draw with car off. If you have a short somewhere that is draining the battery it can be very time consuming but easy to find you just have to be patient and run through all the systems.

Lastly anything like a aftermarket alarm or radio can and most times, is the issue. Look for wires that someone ran straight to the battery or fuse box and spliced in somewhere.

Hope this helps!

Sorry for the above new to the forum and when I looked at your post it didn't show any other replies.
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